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The models below are UV mapped, .obj format files unless otherwise noted. They use a combination of texture maps, and/or solid colors. The models have been loaded and tested in, Vue (v. 4.1), Bryce (v. 4 and 5) and Poser 4/PP/6. These models are exteriors only, without any interior detail. See the readme file(s) included in the zip for more information.

Please note the file format for each download: .vob for Vue 4, .obj for Bryce etc. and .pp2 for Poser. For .obj files, the windows will need glass mats applied or the refraction set to a glass value (if supported by the software).

These models can be used for personal and commercial renders but may not be redistributed individually or included in a compilation. All models and textures © 2002-2005 mapgraphs.

Hardware Store
(a rebuild of #8)

(a rebuild of earlier version)

Click link to download:

Poser 4+:
| Store No. 9 and Boardwalk for Poser 4 | (650kb)

GEM Mercantile Co.

Porch for the Mercantile

Click link to download:

Vue 4:
| Mercantile .vob for Vue 4 | (1.3mb)
| Porch .vob for Vue 4 | (710kb)

Poser 4+:
| Mercantile .pp2 for Poser 4 | (1.1mb)
| Porch .pp2 for Poser 4 | (640kb)

Bryce 4+, Vue, Poser etc. (.obj format):
| Mercantile .obj | (1.2mb)
| Porch .obj | (670kb)

| Generic Bros. Store for Poser 4 | (1.1mb)

| Generic Bros. Store in .obj format | (1.1mb)

Sidewalk Sets

Pavement and walks

Poser 4+:
| Simple Pavement Prop for Poser 4 | (560kb)

Set A includes: 1, 2, 14
| Sidewalk set A for Poser 4 | (895kb)

Set B includes: 6, 7, 11
| Sidewalk set B for Poser 4 | (775kb)

Set C includes: 4, 8, 10, 12
| Sidewalk set C for Poser 4 | (800kb)

Poser and Shade are registered trademarks of e-frontier Inc.
Vue, Vue d'Esprit are trademarks of e-on software Inc.
Bryce is a trademark of DAZ Productions Inc.

All other product and brand name mentioned are used for identification purposes only. Such products and brand names may be trademarked or registered trademarks, and as such, remain the exclusive property of their respective holders.

© 2002-2005 mapgraphs.